Here is everything you need to know about XAPK file.

All the XAPK apps are third-party apps and are not supported on Google Play Store. If you have downloaded the XAPK file on your Android device and do not know how to convert or open it then you are in right place. Here is a complete guide that will help you with ways to open the XAPK file on your Android phone.

How To Open XAPK File On Android Device?

Opening or installing an XAPK file is different from the way you install an APK file. Read further to know all the possible ways to install and run XAPK files on your device successfully.

Use Emulators

The first and the easiest way to install the XAPK file on your Android device is by using emulators. There are several emulators available to download for free online and on the app stores Eg. XAPK Installer You can download these emulators and they will help you convert your XAPK file into an APK file automatically.

All you have to do is install the application and then go and select the XAPK file through the files and click on the convert button on your screen. It will take a few seconds or so and will give you the converted file that you can run on your device.

Install Through File Manager or File Explorer

If you do not want to go for the shortcut and do not want o download one extra app on your device then you can go this way. This is a little tedious yet confusing way yet you can opt for this one to save on some space that an emulator will eat up.

1. Go to the File Explorer or File Manager on your device and open the XAPK file that you want to install.

2. Now you will see several files here. Find a file with OBB extension and copy-paste it to the other location.

Suggested Location: /sdcard/storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/

3. Now go to the location where you saved your OBB file. And install it the way you install any APK file on Android.

Note: Make sure to keep the Unknown source option on your device to install the XAPK file successfully!


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