Want to have a Demon Child in Virtual Families 3? Check this guide out.

Virtual Families 3 is an installment of the family simulation game. If you have played the earlier versions of the game, you must have heard about the Demon Child in the game. Well, you can have a Demon Child in Virtual Families 3 too. In this guide, we have covered how to get the evil kid in the game.

Before you go ahead, you should know that the demon child is usually one of the adopted ones but it is not necessary. You can even raise a born child to be evil. Read along with this guide further to know how to achieve this feat in the game.

How to Have a Demon Child in Virtual Families 3?

Demon Child in Virtual Families 3

It is not that difficult to have a Demon Child in Virtual Families 3, you just need a different approach to raising the child. In real life, you would want your kid to be the best, but because this is a simulation game, you can take your chances. In order to raise an evil child, you can follow some of the methods mentioned in this guide below.

  • Misbehaving is Good
  • Depressed Child
  • Spoil the Child

Misbehaving is Good

The demon child will usually misbehave most of the time. If you find someone like that among your lot, you may be having a Demon Child. All you have to do is let it misbehave.

Depressed Child

This method sounds odd but you have to encourage the child to be depressed. Don’t listen to it, neglect it when it needs you and try to make the child sad as much as possible.

Spoil the Child

You have to praise the child when it does something wrong and scold it for doing good things. As mentioned earlier, the approach to raising the child might differ but you can stand a chance of having a Demon Child in VF3.

Also, you should keep in mind that the Demon Child will possibly kill all the members of the family before killing itself. So, you may have to start playing the game again. This is how you can have a Demon Child in Virtual Families 3. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.


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