Want to search Comments on Reddit? Check out this guide.

Reddit has evolved over the years and has gained a lot of features that are user-friendly. It is a website and an application as well. Also, it is quite simple to make an account on the platform and access it from the web or your mobile phone. Read along further to learn more about searching on Reddit.

How to Search Comments on Reddit?

Comments on Reddit

Well, it is very easy to Search for Comments on Reddit. Comments are a very important aspect of a social media platform. Because the comments section can elaborate on the answers that we are looking for and a lot of genuine users help you if you’re struggling with something on the app. Glance through the steps mentioned below in order to solve your query.

  • Open Reddit on your device (PC or Mobile Phone)
  • You will see a Search Bar on the top of the screen
  • Insert the name of the topic you want to search in the bar
  • Once you’re done with that, you will see a few Tabs below the bar
  • Click on the Comments tab to see the comments on the topic

The method to Search Comments on Reddit is the same on both, the website and application. So, you can easily look for comments on the social platform. This is how you can find your favorite comments. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.


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