What is PS4 Error WS-37073-0?

What Is PS4 Error WS-37073-0?

This is a minor error that occurs in PS4 when players are trying to sync their trophies. Due to PS4 Error WS-37073-0, players receive the notification that they have earned a trophy in a game but they get the error when trying to select it. Since trophies are quite an important part of the gaming experience, it is understandable that players around the world are looking for a fix to this PS4 Error. However, is there a way to fix this error?

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How To Fix PS4 Error WS-37073-0?

Since this is a server synch issue on the end of PS4, there are only a limited amount that players can do to fix the error. Let us look at some of the ways players might be able to solve the error. We would like to emphasize that these are solutions that have worked for the gaming community and are not sure-shot methods to fix the problem.

Delete Data

One solution that seems to have worked for some members of the gaming community is deleting the system data for the game. Next, players should reboot their devices and check if the problem has been fixed. This method was suggested by a reddit user and seems to have e worked for some players.

 Contact Sony /Developers

Since this error occurs because players are trying to sync a game that isn’t on the server, contacting Sony as well as the game developers is a logical option. A few players have reported that the issue has been fixed for them once they reached out to the developers and the localization team.

It can be quite annoying but the safest fix to solve the PS4 Error WS-37073-0 is to wait for Sony to resolve the situation.


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