XL Candy was first introduced in Pokemon Go near the end of 2022.

Pokemon Go XL Candy is an item that players unlock when they reach level 40. These Candies can be used to increase a Pokemon’s level cap. However, they can be a bit tricky to acquire in the game.

Let us find out more about the XL Candy below.

What Is XL Candy In Pokemon Go?


The XL Candy was first introduced in the game near the end of 2020. Since then, this Candy has been gained a lot of favor with players. It allows you to boost a Pokemon beyond the level 40 cap and build a much stronger Pokemon. You can raise your Pokemon’s level to 50 with the help of these candies.

XL Candies are specific to a Pokemon family. For example, a Bulbasaur XL Candy will only work on Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur. You will need 20 XL Candy to boost from Level 40 to 41. This amount is a little more for Shadow Pokemon and a little less for Purified Pokemon. The number of XL Candies required increases with each level. You will need 296 XL Candy to get to Level 50.

How To Get More XL Candy?

You will need a lot of XL Candy to completely level up your Pokemon in the game. XL Candy can be acquired by catching more Pokemon, hatching eggs, or converting regular candies into XL. You will require 100 regular candies to get one XL Candy. Moreover, players can transfer their duplicate Pokemon to Professor Willow and get Candies in return. Trading and catching Raid Bosses can also give you candies as rewards. Walking with your Buddy Pokemon for a certain amount of distance can also give you XL candies.

This is all about the XL Candy in Pokemon Go.


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