Lucky Pokemon can not be caught in the wild

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality video game that allows players to encounter a wide variety of Pokemon. While most Pokemon can be caught in the wild, there are others that are more elusive. The Lucky Pokemon are special Pokemon with a golden sparkly shine on their information page in Pokemon Go.

Let us find out more about them below.

What Is A Lucky Pokemon In Pokemon Go?


Lucky Pokemon have minimum IVs of 12/12/12. They also cost half the Stardust to power up compared to normal Pokemon. However, these Pokemon cannot be found in the wild. You can only get them by trading with friends. It is a random process and you have a small chance to get one during a trade. If one of the trades becomes Lucky, the other one will do so automatically as well.

How To Get A Lucky Pokemon?

While the process of getting these Pokemon is random, you have a higher chance of getting it if the Pokemon was caught a long time ago. As per the research, Pokemon that are less than a year old have 5% chance of becoming Lucky. Meanwhile, Pokemon that are a year old have a 10% chance. Lastly, Pokemon that are two years or older have a 25% chance.

To give yourself the best shot at getting a this Pokemon, players should hold on to their rare and legendary Pokemon for a longer duration before trading them.

If you have Lucky Friends, your trade is almost assured to be Lucky. However, Lucky Friends are also random and you will need to be Best Friends with the player before they can become a Lucky Friend for you. That is all about Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go.


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