CartoonCrazy: Best Free Similar Sites To Watch Anime In 2022

Cartooncrazy Alternatives

Check out these top 7 perfect alternatives to Cartoon Crazy. These websites will allow you to stream your favorite cartoon, anime, and manga shows for free. Cartooncrazy is an online add-on that allows users to see all their favorite cartoon shows. While cartoons and anime shows have evolved over time their popularity has only risen. Most of the 90s classic...

How To Get Hotstar Premium Account For Free?

Hotstar Premium Free

How To Get Hotstar Premium Memebership For Free Do you want to get a Hotstar Premium account for free? If yes then you have landed at the perfect Tech website. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks to get a Hotstar premium account for free. Yes, you read that right! We have some hacks that will surely help...

Top 10 Tips For Instagram Story Dimensions

Instagram Stories Dimensions

Here's a complete guide explaining how to create perfect Instagram stories. Are you looking for the perfect Instagram story dimension? If yes then this detailed guide will explain why dimension for your Instagram story should always be perfect. If you post videos and photos on your Instagram story without creating them in a proper dimension, it is likely that your...

Sword Of Judgement: Stats And Skill Effect In Epic Seven (E7)

Sword Of Judgement Stats Epic Seven

Want to know about the Artifact Sword of Judgement? This guide will help you. Epic Seven is an RPG action game with an adventure element. Goddess Diche has bestowed you with a mission of defeating the Archdemon and saving the world from its Army. But to do that you will need to equip yourself with the best artifacts. And the...

Alice Fiction: How To Make Friends?

Add Friends in Alice Fiction

Want to make friends in Alice Fiction? Here's how to do that. Alice Fiction is a role-playing puzzle game where you have to collect the in-game characters and defeat the enemies that come for you. As you advance through the levels of the game, you will face tougher enemies and harder battles. However, you don’t necessarily have to do this on your own. If...

Alice Fiction: How To Get Quartz Fast


Find out how to stock up on Quartz in Alice Fiction. Quartz is a premium currency in Alice Fiction. It can be used to roll in banners from mission or quest rewards. You can even exchange Quartz for Energy from the game shop. To know how to stock up on Quartz in the game, check out our guide below. How To Get Quartz Fast In...

Merge Mansion: How To Get A Wreath?

Get Xmas Wreath in Merge Mansion

Want to get a Wreath in Merge Mansion? Here's how to obtain it. There’s a lot happening in Merge Mansion as the seasonal event is underway. The Winter Holiday event has commenced and the players have to collect several items in order to decorate the mansion. One of those decorative items in the game is a wreath. And if you’re searching for a way to obtain it, you’ve landed in the right...

Best Team Comp In Alice Fiction

Best Team Comp In Alice Fiction

These are all the best teams of Alice Fiction. Alice Fiction is an RPG action game that takes place in the fictional metaverse ALICE. Your mission is to save the world and recover your memory. And for that, you are going to need a good team. So here is the best team comp in Alice Fiction. Alice Fiction: Best Team Comp Fire Team Musashi, Antoinette,...

Best World Memory (WM) In Alice Fiction Tier List

Tier List of Best World Memory Alice Fiction

Here is a list of all the best World Memory WM cards in Alice Fiction. Alice Fiction is an engaging RPG world set in the metaverse of ALICE. Rather than equipping players with shields, armor, and swords, the game created something unique known as World Memory. These are memory fragment cards that give stat boosts. And here is a tier list...

How To Redeem And Active Code In Eatventure

Redeem Active Code Eatventure

Here is how you can redeem code in Eatventure. Eatventure is a tycoon management simulation offline game. You play as a restaurant tycoon, who is aiming to build the biggest restaurant business. It is a fun game that keeps you engaged with its development. As you start from Lemonade Stand, then acquire a food truck, cafe afterward, Diner, and so...