Want to know how to make money fast in No Man’s Sky? Refer to this guide.

While playing No Man’s Sky, you will feel that you’re running out of money sooner than later. Because there are a lot of things that require you to spend the in-game money to keep your fleet afloat in space. If you’re facing this issue, you’re right where you ought to be. In this guide, we have covered how to make Money faster in No Man’s Sky. Read along with this guide to know the ways to earn money quickly.

How to Earn Money Fast in No Man’s Sky?

Make Money Faster in No Man's Sky

When it comes to playing an action-adventure game like No Man’s Sky, there are a lot of upgrades and purchases as you level up. Well, we have mentioned some of the easy ways in which you can earn money faster in the game. These methods are as follows,

  • Galatic Trade Terminal
  • Analysis Visor & Asteroids
  • Mission & Quests
  • Economy Scanner
  • Ancient Remains 
Galactic Trade Terminal

Galactic Trade Terminal is a place where the business thrives and a lot of outer space beings come to sell and purchase goods and resources. You can visit the terminal and gain access to the business platform at any time. Apart from that, you can also build one of these on your base. Or else, you can find such terminals on space stations or shops.

Analysis Visor and Asteroids

Analysis Visor is an important multi-tool to use while in space. This equipment allows you to scan and locate the resource deposits on other planets. So, if you find a resource deposit, you can extract the valuable materials from that planet and sell them on the Galactic Trade Terminal. Apart from that, you can also turn to rich asteroids to extract resources that will help you get fast cash in the game.

Missions & Quests

One of the best and easiest ways to earn money in a game is by completing the quests and missions assigned to you. Keep visiting the Mission Board to check on the missions pending or any new missions assigned. Complete the quests regularly and you’ll make Money faster in No Man’s Sky.

Economy Scanner

Using the Economy Scanner you can find one of the best economies in space. Once you’ve figured out which galaxy is doing well economically, you can set your trade routes accordingly to enhance the profit margins. This method can do wonders if implemented correctly.

Ancient Remains

On various planets, there is a chance you’ll come across ancient remains of the beings that once existed on the planet. These remains can be worth a fortune. The only catch is that these remains take up a considerable amount of space in the inventory. So, you’d have to clear some space before searching for Ancient remains in the game.

These are some of the ways in which you can make Money faster in No Man’s Sky. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.


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