Having a hard time creating a cabinet, this will help you.

It’s a restoration game where you get resources by merging the present resources, there are several tasks, completing which give you access to more resources. In this article, you’ll learn how to get a bolt and screw and make Professional Broom Cabinet.

How to Get Bolt and Screw to Make Professional Broom Cabinet in Merge Mansion

Bolt And Screw To Make Broom Cabinet In Merge Mansion

Acquire Blue Chest

Bolt and screw are obtained from the blue chest with golden straps, that you get with every level up.
Blue chest comes in 2 levels, the higher the level better and more the resources, level 2 chest takes more than one hour for opening too.

This blue box is called a fancy blue chest and it contains a toolbox, seed, tire, energy, and bolt and screw when at level one.
The level two chest can give skip booster apart from everything else.

Levels of Merge

There are eleven stages in the formation of the final cabinet, but it starts giving good resources after level 5 of its stages.

  • Level 1: It’s a base element bolt and screw that can be sold for one coin.
  • Level 2: Combining two bolts and a screw gives a handle, which is sold for two coins.
  • Level 3: It’s bolt, screws, and handles, that can be exchanged for four coins.
  • Level 4: Now you create a cabinet door, that is exchanged for six coins.
  • Level 5: Cabinet frame, here you start to get toothpaste and cloth from it, recharge time more than three hours or 20 gems and can be sold for 12 coins.
  • Level 6: This is the cabinet I, this can give cleaning tools too, recharge time of this is more than three hours or 26 gems, and it can be sold for 25 coins.
  • Level 7: cabinet II, adds detergent, its recharge time is same as the version I but the gems required are 26, sold for 51 coins.
  • Level 8: Broom cabinet, sold for 102 coins and recharges at the same time or 56 gems.
  • Level 9: Boosted broom cabinet, sold for 205 coins and takes 80 gems or more than three hours for recharging.
  • Level 10: Professional broom cabinet, can be exchanged for 410 coins and is recharged at cost of 112 gems or more than three hours.
  • Level 11: Professional broom cabinet, this is a final product that can be sold for 820 coins.

In this article, you learned how to get bolt and screw to make a professional Broom Cabinet in Merge Mansion. check out how to get peony seeds.


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