Let’s see how to check if Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp are down and how to fix Instagram Direct Messages (DM’s) not working issue

We have seen the impossible in the last few weeks as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp all were down for more than 6 hours. After the incident, Zuckerberg issued an apology as well, but that was something unseen and unexpected. As of now, several social media users are tweeting that Instagram DM’s are down. Let’s see how to check if Instagram is down and what you can do to fix it?

Are Instagram Direct Messages (DM) not working?

Many users are tweeting that they aren’t able to send or receive direct messages (DM’s) on Instagram. The Instagram newsfeed section seems to be working fine as people are able to see new posts, like them, search people, watch reels, and follow people as well. The problem seems to be with messages as some of them are unable to send or receive direct messages while many are facing delays in sending or receiving direct messages.

As of now, there is no official announcement acknowledging the issue, but given the volume of tweets and social media posts, we think that the issue is looming around in several countries.

How To Fix Instagram Direct Messages Issue?

Unfortunately, apart from waiting for an official response from Facebook, aka Meta, we can’t do anything. Given that the glitch or the issue isn’t very big, we can expect it to be fixed within an hour. In case you are a bit impatient, you can always try resetting your router and your mobile phone as well. Another fix users can try is to use Instagram on their Laptop by logging in to the web version. In case the issue is more prevalent in mobile devices, you might be able to escape the bug.

Are Facebook and Whatsapp Down As Well?

We would like to assure users that Facebook and Whatsapp are working completely fine. The only issue or bug people are facing is while sending Direct Messages (DM’s) on Instagram.


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