Want to know how to watch the Arrowverse shows in Order? Check this guide out.

How to Watch Arrowverse Shows on Netflix in Order?

Arrowverse shows on Netflix

If you’re confused about where to start, you must start where it all began. Start binging from the first season of Arrow. Until the third season of Arrow, there are no crossover episodes. However, in the second season, The Flash makes his first appearance in Arrow and the seed of Arrowverse was planted. Unfortunately, Netflix has Arrow only, so you’d have to get either Amazon Prime or you may have to download the episodes from another site to completely watch the Arrowverse shows.

  • S02 E08 & 09 – The Flash appears in Arrow

The crossover episodes begin in the third season of Arrow and along with that, in the same year, The Flash saw the release of its pilot season. So, we will recommend you to watch the first season of Flash and the third season of Arrow together (episode by episode).

  • The Flash S01 E08 and Arrow S03 E08 – Crossover Episodes

After that, you can watch the respective seasons separately. Until the next crossover episode airs, Supergirl makes her appearance along with DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow and becomes a part of the Arrowverse shows. However, DC Legends of Tomorrow are clubbed with the characters that appeared on these shows earlier. So you might want to watch those episodes too from the pilot season.

Now, along with The Flash & Arrow, watch Supergirl to keep up with the crossover episodes. Although DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow isn’t a part of the crossover episodes yet but start watching the show because it will be further.

  • The Flash S02 E08Arrow S04 E08Supergirl S01 E018 – Crossover Episodes

The next crossover has 4 episodes which include The Flash, Arrow, and DC Legends of Tomorrow. The episodes are mentioned below:

  • The Flash S03 E08Arrow S05 E08DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow S02 E07, and The Flash S03 E17 – Crossover Episodes

Now, another new character enters the Arrowverse shows, Black Lightning makes its debut season. However, Black Lightning isn’t a part of the upcoming crossover episodes. So, you can watch the pilot season separately.

  • Supergirl S03 E08Arrow S06 E08The Flash S04 E08DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S03 E08 – Crossover Episodes

Although, you have to make sure that you don’t break the chronology of the mentioned episodes. So far the Arrowverse shows have had 6 sets of crossover episodes and the seventh one has 3 crossover episodes.

  • The Flash S05 E09Arrow S07 E09Supergirl S04 E09 – crossover episodes

After the above seasons, the Arrowverse introduces the pilot season of Batwoman. And with her arrival, the crossover episodes have increased to 6. So, you have to add one more show to the binging queue after Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning.

  • Supergirl S05 E09Batwoman S01 E09Black Lightning S03 E09The Flash S06 E09Arrow S08 E08DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow S05 E08 – Crossover Episodes

Although the crossover episodes end here but Arrowverse shows don’t. As it progresses, the show Superman & Lois made its appearance last year. And the 3rd season is upcoming in 2023. Until then, you can go ahead and watch the aforementioned shows and stay tuned for further seasons. Also, probably you will not find all the Arrowverse shows on Netflix, so you will have to get other sources to watch them all.

To Summarize Arrowverse Shows Chronology

  • Start with the first two seasons of Arrow
  • Along with Arrow, start watching The Flash
  • After The Flash, start watching Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
  • Then start watching Black Lightning
  • After that, start Batwoman
  • Lastly, Superman & Lois
  • Don’t forget to watch the Crossover Episodes, too

This is the chronological order in which you can watch Arrowverse shows on Netflix and other sites. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you.


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