Here’s how players can earn more Tickets in the game.

Real Cricket 20 is a popular online cricket game developed by Nautilus Mobile. The game offers many innovative features to players like different batting styles, review umpire decisions, curating the match conditions, and selecting their own commentator. The game is free to play and players only require Tickets to unlock some features in the app.

Here’s how players can earn Tickets in Real Cricket 20.

How To Obtain Tickets In Real Cricket 20?


Tickets are quite useful for players as they can unlock newer game modes in Real Cricket 20. Players can also use Tickets to buy new or classic kits for their team. There are multiple ways for players to get Tickets in the game. We have explained each method below.

Create New Account

When players create a new account, they are rewarded with a few free Tickets to get them started in the game. However, since this is a one-time offer, players might want to check out the other available options to get more Tickets.

Logging In

Logging in to the game regularly is also a good way to get free tickets. Players that log in daily earn Tickets as a reward.

Complete Goals

Players get certain in-app match goals in Real Cricket 20 and completing these can earn players some free Tickets. These goals are available in the profile section.

Invite Friends

Players can also invite their friends to join the Real Cricket 20 game using Facebook and earn some free Tickets in the process.

Purchase Tickets

If players do not mind spending money, they can also purchase Tickets through the game shop. However, with so many free alternatives available, players might want to save their money.

Use Redeem Codes

All games have Redeem Codes that give out certain rewards and gifts. Players can get free Tickets by using these Redeem Codes in the game.

These are all the ways to get Tickets in Real Cricket 20. Players can choose whichever method suits them the best.


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