Here’s how to get a butterfly easily in the game.

Merge Mansion is a match and merge game where players can renovate the mansion, plant a garden and unveil new secrets. Often the game requires players to have certain kinds of items to progress. The Butterflies in Merge Mansion can be a bit hard to obtain if players do not know what they are looking for.

This is why we have put together this guide to explain where players can get butterflies in the game.

How To Obtain Butterflies In Merge Mansion?


If players want to get Butterflies in the game, they will first need to have a Level 6 Orange Flower. The Butterflies are dropped from these flowers. To get the Level 6 Orange Flower, players will need to get the Orange Flower Seeds from the Large Seed Bag. Players can get the Large Seed Bag from the Shop, Flower Pot, or the Green Box.

Once players have the Orange Flower Seeds, they will have to merge them to create Orange Flower Seedling. Further, the Seedlings can be merged to get the Orange Flower Bud (I). These will need to be merged to obtain the Orange Flower Bud (II). Players will now need to merge these to get Orange Flower Bud (III). Lastly, players can merge the Orange Flower Bud (III) to get the Orange Flower.

The Orange Flower will now drop Butterflies with six levels. Butterflies can be yellow, orange, blue, red, white and black. There are often events in the game where players might require Butterflies to complete certain tasks. During the 2022 Butterfly Event, Level 6 Butterflies could be given to Pool Toys in the Casey & Skatie event.

That is everything that players need to know about getting Butterflies in Merge Mansion. We hope our readers  found this guide helpful.


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