There are certain steps users can take to fix the Spotify friend activity not working error

Spotify is a music streaming platform with millions of subscribers. While the streaming service is one of the best in the category, it is not immune to bugs and errors. Lately, some users have reported that they are unable to see friend activity on Spotify. There are certain steps users can take to fix the Spotify friend activity not working error.

Below we will discuss a bunch of ways that can be used to fix Spotify friend activity not working. To know what these methods are and how they work, keep reading this guide till the end.

Spotify Friend Activity Not Working Fix (2022)

This error commonly occurs for users that are using Spotify on their mobile device. It rarely, if ever, comes into play for Desktop users. Let us take a look at what can be done to fix this error.


If there is a particular friend that is not showing up or whose activity you are unable to see, try this fix. For this simply unfollow and then refollow the friend in question. Also, check if you have accidentally unfollowed the friend. In that case, simply following them back will let you see their activity.


Another simple solution that users can implement to fix the Spotify Friend Activity not showing error is to sign out from your Spotify account and log in again. Check if the problem is fixed after signing in again.

Turn On Friend Activity

Just in case you have accidentally turned off the friend activity, here are the steps you can take to turn it back on again.

  • Click the down arrow located towards the top of the Spotify page.
  • Proceed to Settings.
  • Select Display Options.
  • Turn on the option to see friend activity.

Spotify Friend Activity Not Working Error


It is possible to hide a friend in Spotify. Make sure you have not done this if you want to see this friend’s activity. It is simple to unhide a friend on Spotify. Just head to the activity tab and see if the friend is hidden, if so unhide them. This way you will solve the friend activity not showing on spotify.


If nothing else is working, uninstall Spotify from your phone and then install it again. This should restore the default Spotify settings and fix any errors that may have caused the friend activity to not work before.

Update The App

Ensure that you are using the latest version of Spotify. Sometimes, old versions of the app can also cause a hindrance to the smooth running of Spotify.

Update The OS

Just like the app, an old OS version can also cause bugs and errors to arise. Check that your mobile device has the latest OS version.

These are all the steps users can take to fix the friend activity not working on Spotify in 2022. If none of these work to fix the problem, the issue might be at Spotify’s end. Users will just have to wait till Spotify resolves it and check in a while.


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