Here’s how to check the server status of Google Meet or Gmail.

Google Meet is arguably one of the most popular video-communication services developed by Tech Giant, Google. The popularity of Google Meet increased significantly during Coronavirus Pandemic. There are numerous video-communication apps available on Google Play Store but what people want the most is Google Meet.

Unfortunately, a lot of Google Meet and Gmail users are currently having issues or glitches when they launch the application on their devices. There are plenty of users who are encountering issues while using Google’s video-communication app and Gmail and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

If you encounter connection issues on Google Meet and Gmail then there are chances that the servers of these applications are down at the moment. This post will not explain the reason behind facing connection issues on Google Meet or Gmail but also teach you how to check their server status.

Are Google Meet & Gmail Servers Down?

Since both Gmail and Google Meet are developed by Google, they must share the same server. A lot of users are currently having issues sending emails through Gmail or using the Google Meet application on their PC and Mobile and if that’s you then you must know that the server of Google is down at the moment.

How to Check Google Meet Or Gmail Server Status?

There are two places where you can check the servers of Google Meet, Gmail, and other services offered by Google — Downdetector or Twitter. If you want to check Google Meet or Gmail server status but don’t know how it is done then follow the below-mentioned steps:


Twitter is the easiest option to know whether the servers of Google Meet, or Gmail are down or not. If Google has put the Gmail or Google Meet servers under maintenance, they will inform about the same on Twitter. Notably, Google does not do it all the time.

A lot of people are currently having issues using Google Meet or sending mail via Gmail but when we checked out their official Twitter handle, we did not find any tweet acknowledging the issue.


Downdetector is one of the best third-party sites to check the server status of any website, application, or game. Whenever you encounter any connection issue the first thing you must do is check your internet connection. If you have a reliable and fast internet connection then visit site.

Once you are on the site, you will have to search for ‘Gmail’ or ‘Google Meet’. Doing this will show you a graph of complaints Downdetector has received in the last 24-hour.

How To Fix Gmail Or Google Meet Server Down Issue?

There are no technical ways to fix Gmail or Google Meet server down issues. Since it is happening from the devs end, you can’t do anything to fix it. What all you need to do is wait until the servers of these apps are up again.


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