Here’s how to get the Arch Knight in Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a strategic battle game where players can breed, train, and battle their monsters. There are different elements and rarities of monsters that players can go for. The rarer a monster, the harder it is to get them in the game. Arch Knight is a Legendary and Light type monster available in Monster Legends. This Legendary rarity monster can be quite hard to breed in the game.

Players will need to be patient if they want to get this monster. We have explained the best method to breed this dragon in the game below.

How To Breed Arch Knight In Monster Legends?


Arch Knight is a Legendary rarity Monster that has a Metal Weakness. This monster works well as an attacking or supporting member of the team. Players will be pleased to find that Arch Knight is a breedable monster in Monster Legends.

They can get this monster by breeding light and fire type monster Esthirel and light and earth type monster Goldcore. This combination has been tried and tested with positive results. Of course, it might take players a few attempts before they get Arch Knight. As a Legendary rarity monster, it is still quite hard to get.

Apart from this, players can also breed Legendary and Magic type monster Goldfield with Nature and Earth type monster Dragonian Beast. This combination will require players to acquire another Legendary monster which might be a bit complicated. However, once players acquire these monsters, they will have an easier time breeding Arch Knight in the game.

An Arch Knight has a Breed Time of 1d 22h. This will help players ascertain whether the monster that is breeding is Arch Knight or not. In addition, the Hatch Time for the Arch Knight is 2d 2h. This serves as another indication to players.

This is everything players need to know about breeding an Arch Knight in Monster Legends.


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