Many users are getting the Too many requests error 429 on Google Drive. Let’s see how to fix the Google Drive Too Many Requests Error 429.

Many users are getting the “Error 429 Too many requests” pop up when they try to access the files on their Google Drive. Users aren’t able to access any file on their drive because of the error, which is why several of them have already started bombarding Google’s social handles. Let’s see how to fix the Google Drive Error 429.

Google Drive Too Many Requests Error 429 Fix

There can be multiple reasons for the Google Drive 429 error, including Mail Sending Limits, Concurrent requests, and Bandwidth limits. The main reason for the error is the overuse of your google account, which includes mailing, accessing files from the drive, Google meet, etc. Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the Google Drive 429 Error

The OG Restart Trick

When you encounter the error, the first reflex should be shutting down all the tabs and restarting your system. This would fix the issue if the cause was over usage of the google account. Many times it is the firewall in your system blocking a file, restarting your system will fix that as well.

Mail Sending Limits

Every Gmail user has a limit on the number of emails they can send in a day. One of the reasons for the Too many requests error 429 can be the breach of the mail sending limit. The limit differs for personal Gmail accounts and workplace Gmail account, but breaching the limit in both cases will get you the” Too many requests” error. In this case, all you can do is stop and wait for the next day as you might not get the Error 429 the next day.

Bandwidth Limit

Sometimes the cause of Error 429 might be the internet speed and bandwidth. We would advise users to try different internet sources or try disconnecting other devices from their router. Another way to fix the error could be by using an ethernet cable to get better connectivity.

These were some ways you could fix the Google Drive too many requests error 429. Apart from the fixes mentioned above, you can always check Google’s Twitter to know if the issue is from your end or their end.


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