Looking for scrolls, this article will guide you.

Scrolls are fragments that help in various upgrades and they are mostly earned through the chest. But how to get those chests is a tricky question. There are so many monsters and bosses to kill that you can not go and check the info of every monster all the time. This guide will help you in such a situation, learn how to get different types of scrolls in Evony the King’s Return.

How to Get Scrolls in Evony the King’s Return

Scrolls In Evony The Kings Return

Tactics Scrolls

These scrolls can only be used in Military Academy which unlocks at Keep level 36.

  • Defeat Ymir level 4, and you’ll get a super ymir chest, open it will give you some amount of these scrolls.
  • Several events can give you these scrolls for getting a high score as an individual or as an alliance such as Artic Barbarians Invasion.
  • You can get them by scoring more than 1200 in the Battle of Gaugamela and the Battle of Constantinople.
  • If you are ready to spend real money then you can buy them in a package too, better to buy them during the double-down pack.
  • You can also get them from the black market in exchange for mostly gems.

Art Treasure Scrolls Chest

  • Complete the activity to the highest level, it will give to around five chests.
  • You can get it during events like “The Art Era”, by defeating monsters.
  • You can buy it in a pack with real money or get it in the auction event.

Kings Scrolls Chest

  • By killing boss level 10 Griffin, Junior Cerberus, and level 11 Ifrit.
  • You can also get it black market, mostly in exchange for gems.
  • Auction sometimes has them too and you can also get them in exchange for real money as a part of the package.

Achaemenidae Scrolls Chest

  • By killing level 15 Phoenix, level 14 Behemoth, Senior Cerberus, Medium Cerberus, Viking Chief, Viking Berseker and level 13 Fafnir.
  • You can also get them in the auction and on the black market, rarely on the black market.

Generals Scrolls Chest

  • By killing Royal Thief, Junior Cerberus, level 9 Minotaur and level 8 Peryton.
  • It’s available in the auction house and black market too.

Dragons Scrolls Chest

  • By killing Senior Cerberus, Junior Cerberus, Viking Icebreaker, level 12 Kamaitachi, level 13 Fafnir, level 14 Behemoth and level 15 Phoenix.
  • They can be bought in the auction house, black market and in real money packages.

In this guide, you learned how you can get different types of scrolls in Evony the King’s Return. Check out another article on this game how to leave alliance.


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