Looking for the best generals to add to your list, this will help you.

Since the launch of this game, it has continuously kept updating its general list with better and better choices. Some have similar base stats and skills while some have unique sets of skills, which makes it hard to choose from. This is a tier list of the best generals in Evony the King’s Return so, that you can spend your time and resources on the better ones.

Evony The King’s Return Best Generals Tier List

Tier List Evony The Kings Return

Tiers Generals Civilization Inbulit Skill Awakened
S+ tier Maeda Toshiie Japan Yari no Mataza Yes
S+ tier Alfred the Great Europe Great King Yes
S tier Zachary Taylor America Conquering Hero Yes
S tier Minamoto no Yoshitsune Japan Shanao Yes
S- tier Elise Others Dragon’s Song Yes
A tier Darius I Others Great King of Persia Yes
A tier Thutmose III Others Invincible Pharaoh Yes
A tier Roland Europe Glory Knight Yes
A tier Dimitry Russia Hero of Don River No
B+ tier Gwanggaeto the Great Korea Gwanggaeto-taewang Yes
B tier Peter the Great Russia Great Reformation No
B tier Yodo-dono Japan Lady Chacha Yes
B tier Ly Thuong Kiet Others Vietnamese Warrior Yes
B- tier Shajar al-Durr Arabia Queen of Prosperity Yes
C tier Takeda Shingen Japan Furinkazan Yes
C tier Alexander the Great Others Conquest Yes
C tier Princess Kaguya Japan Princess From the Moon Yes
C tier Queen Jindeok Korea Harvest Song Yes
D tier Empress Wu China Sovereign Power No
D tier Khalid Arabia Drawn Sword of God Yes
D tier Lu Ban China Master of Tools No
F tier Undead General Others Winter Massacre No
F tier Vlad al III Others Deadly Curse No

This is a tier list of the best generals to choose from in Evony the King’s Return. Check out another article related to this game how to leave alliance.


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