Looking for a way to level up fast, this is what you need.

Dislyte is a really popular game that has millions of players around the globe with many new players joining daily. As a new player, it becomes a little difficult to understand so many things that the game has. In this article, you’ll learn about everything that you should know to level up in the Dislyte.

How to Level Up Your Account and Espers Fast in Dislyte

Level Up Dislyte Fast 1

Using Resources to Develop Espers

  • Using the right Relics
    • Go to the espers section on the bottom of your screen, choose the esper you want to develop.
    • Then choose the Relics option, click on the plus sign, then choose Quick Equip, it will equip them with the most suitable relic according to that character, which will help during a battle for gaining more XP.
    • You can also choose the strategy option to see which relics are suitable for them, that’s besides esper.
  • Advancement
    • Choose the espers section than the growth tab, you’ll see three options.
    • Choose Advancement, there on the bottom you’ll see cards with one eye creature called experimon, choose it and then choose to confirm, your esper with level up.
  • Resonance
    • This option is below the advancement option, it is used when you get the same esper card through the spin and other methods.
    • Click on the middle button, and choose extra cards of the same character, when you resonate, you’ll get the energy that can be used to increase your attack, HP and defense.
  • Ascension
    • All your espers can be ascended six times and each phase gives a different bonus. Mostly starting with the espers basic attribute like fighter will get attack up and the defender will get the defense up on the first stage.
    • Depending on the espers star and type requirements differ, such as Li Ling a fighter legendary esper will need Advanced Inferno Wave and Basic Inferno Wave on level 3 of ascension.
  • Relic Fusion
    • After entering the game scroll left, and you’ll see the War Room option.
    • Go in it and choose Relic Fusion, use relic dust to fuse them.
  • Esper Fusion
    • In the same War Room Section, choose the second option esper fusion.
    • Fuse three espers to get a new esper, but this unlocks when your account reaches level 25.

Acquiring Resources and Exp for Your Account

Level Up Dislyte Fast 1

  • Courses
    There are nine courses for now, which are mainly divided into two and three divisions, basic, advanced, and master. Every task in it gives you different resources from experimon to abilimon and from gold record to shimmer record.
    You can access these tasks by going to the missions tab at the bottom of your screen and choosing any course, use the Go button to arrive at your task easily from there.
  • Quests
    In the missions tab, choose the second option of Quests, check out those quests, and complete them for the resources mentioned there.
  • Achievements
    It is also part of the mission section. Divided in growth, journey, diary, and history.
  • Trails and Expedition
    It’s one of the best ways of getting high-end materials. There is Infinite Miracle, Ritual Miracle, Cube Miracle, Ripple Dimension, and Sonic Miracle in trials
    You can send three espers on an expedition, but they have to be of the attribute that the expedition requires. Difficulty levels and requirements differ and keep on changing.
  • Shop
    • On the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a shop option, choose it.
    • You can shop using gold, friendship rewards, supply vouchers, cube points, and club points.
  • Practice Stage
    The practice stage is part of the main story, it’s a UP option besides the route of every chapter. You can choose single battle or multi-battle mode and you can complete the same stage again and again for getting the same materials.
  • Club Battles
    You can participate in Holobattle of the club with at least 9 other members of level 30, you get rewards according to your ranking in it.

These are some ways through which you can level up your account and espers in Dislyte. Check out best defender espers.


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