How to use italics on text in Discord?

Discord is a platform that allows gamers to interact from around the world. While it is a fun platform to be a part of the gaming community, messages can often be overlooked. For this reason, many players use the italics font option to make their text stand out on Discord. It is quite simple to format text on Discord once you know-how. Today, we will tell you exactly how you can use italics on text in Discord.

How To Use Italics On Text In Discord?

There can be a lot of reasons behind wanting to use italics on text in Discord. Whether you want to emphasize a particular statement or just want your text to appear different, there is an easy way to do so. With the help of Discord developed Markdown, you can format and italicize, bold, or underline text. Markdown was created in 2004 and can be used to format words on Discord.

To use italics on text in Discord, simply write*italicized text* at the end of your text.

Italics Text Discord

However, italics is not the only option when it comes to formatting text on Discord. You can also choose to bold the text or underline it.

How to Use Bold Text In Discord?

Bold text can instantly grab attention from a jumble of messages. You can use Bold in Discord just like italics. To use bold text in Discord use two asterisks at the start and end of the message (**bold text**).

Bold Text Discord

How To Use Underline Text In Discord?

Underlined text can emphasize the importance of a message when used sparingly. It is easy to underline text in Discord. Just use two underscores at the start and end of your message to do this (__underlined text__).

Underlined Text

How to Use Strikethrough Text in Discord?

Strikethrough can give the appearance of text being crossed out. This can be a way to emphasize text in Discord or to state that something is not valid anymore. To use strikethrough in your text, use two tildes at the start and end of your message. To do this press Shift and ~ key together. (~~strikethrough text~~)

Strikethrough Text

This is how you can use Italics on text in Discord. For more tips and tricks, check out Actu24h’s Discord Guides.


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