Here’s how to get a Weapon XP Card in COD Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play shooter game where players can upgrade their weapons and unlock new attachments for them. Players can use the weapon XP cards to upgrade weapons in CODM. If players do not know how to find these XP cards, we will explain it in this guide.

How To Get More Weapon XP Cards In CODM?


Once players upgrade their weapons, they get increased damage, rate of fire, control, accuracy, and mobility. Weapon XP Cards can speed up this process considerably. There are multiple ways to get more weapon XP cards. We have explained them below.

Seasonal Missions

Completing Seasonal missions is a great way for players to earn some weapon XP cards in CODM. Players can find the Seasonal Missions by going to the event section and clicking on the seasonal option. Here, they will see the multiple missions available. Players can start missions by selecting the Go option.

Request Friends For Cards

Players can send each other weapon XP cards once per day. So, if a player has a lot of friends plying CODM, they can just request their friends to send them the XP cards. Players can go to the system mail and select the Friend mail to receive any cards  that have been sent to them.

Monthly Login Calendar

Players can get over 50 weapon XP cards in a month for free with the Monthly Login Calendar. All players have to do is go to the daily login option and open the login calendar. Here, they can claim their login rewards.

Daily Mission

Each day players get six different daily missions that they must complete to win rewards. Players can complete these mission and get some weapon XP cards in return. To check out their daily missions, players can head to the event section and click on the Daily option. Now, players can see their daily missions under the daily mission option.

Increase Game Rank

As players progress through the game and increase their rank, they will get weapon XP cards as a reward. Players can get up to 150 free weapon XP cards in CODM for moving to Legendary from a Rookie rank.

Spend credit points

Lastly, players can also purchase the weapon XP cards from the store with credit points. They can go to the store and click on the Cards option. Here, they can select the weapon XP card from the options. Now all players need to do is select the number of cards they want to purchase and pay for them.

These are all the different methods that can be used to get more weapon XP cards in COD Mobile.


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