Here are the best Black Raisin Cookie Toppings Build in CRK.

Black Raisin Cookie is one of the five Ancient Hero Cookies that players can get in the game. It was released along with the Pure Vanilla Cookie and is an Ambush type Cookie. Her position is prioritized in the middle. If players are wondering how to get this Black Raisin Cookie and what are the best toppings build for it, they can find the answers in the guide below.

What Is The Black Raisin Cookie Toppings Build In CRK?


The best toppings build for this Cookie in CRK is X5 Searing Raspberry. This topping build will give the Cookie more ATK DMG. Players will especially benefit from this build if the Black Raisin Cookie is their main DMG dealer. However, players can also go for an X5 Swift Chocolate Topping build. This topping will provide the Cookie with skill CD reduction.

Players can also try mixing up the toppings and go for an X3 Searing Raspberry and X2 Swift Choco build. This will provide players with the benefits of both builds.

How To Get The Black Raisin Cookie In Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Black Raisin Cookie is an Epic Cookie so getting her can be quite a challenge for players. One of the ways to get this Cookie is through the Gacha. However, the chances of a player actually getting the Cookie through it are rare. A much better approach to obtain this Cookie is to go for the specific Soulstones of the Black Raisin Cookie. Players can collect the Soulstones through Gacha. In addition, Black Raisin Cookie’s Soulstones can also be acquired in World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 5-15 and 11-12. Once players have enough Soulstones, they can trade them for the Epic Cookie.


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