Wondering which general is best with ranged troops, this list will guide you.

Evony has a wide range of generals to choose from and they are continuously working to add more to the list, due to which it sometimes becomes a little hard to choose which one is best according to the scenario. As players might know every beast has a different weakness and we need to attack them there. This list will help in choosing the best archer or ranged troops generals in Evony the King’s Return.

Best Archer or Ranged Generals in Evony the King’s Return

Best Archer Or Ranged Generals In Evony The Kings Return


  • She’s a princess, who’s the daughter of Raged King, known to be the first female knight of their empire.
  • She is an awakened epic class general who can be found in the Others section of Portraits and is bought on ninety million gold.
  • Her base stats are leadership 115, attack 110, defense 115, and politics 112.
  • Her unique ability is “Blood Restrain” when she’s leading an army and is on the fifth-star skill, she can increase ranged troops and mounted troops attack by 15% and an additional 20% if she has a dragon.

Alfred the Great

  • King Alfred was a ruler of Wessex during the Anglo-Saxon England period, he was known for building a defense of his country.
  • He’s an awakened epic general who can be found in the Europe section of portraits and costs sixty million gold.
  • His base stats are leadership 117, attack 112, defense 116 and politics 112.
  • His unique skill is “Great King“, when at the fifth star and leading army he can increase the ranged troop’s attack by 30% and siege machine by 20%

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

  • He was a military commander during Kamakura and Heian periods, he was known for his strategy and bravery.
  • He’s an awakened general of epic class and he can be found in the Japan section of portraits, he costs forty-five million golds.
  • His base stats are leadership 112, attack 113, defense 117 and politics 106.
  • His unique ability is “Shanao” when he’s leading an army and is in the fifth skill set he can increase ranged troops’ attack power by 25% and an additional 15% if has a dragon too.

This is a list of the best archer or ranged generals that you should use in Evony the King’s Return, do check out our other list best mounted generals.


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