Anima Medals are used to get Anima in Alice Fiction

Anima Medals are an item that you can get in Alice Fiction. These medals are pivotal in increasing the Rarity of your Folklore as they can be converted into Anima. You need to have a certain amount of Anima before you can Ascend your Folklore in the game. Let us find out how you can get Anima Medals in Alice Fiction.

How To Get Anima Medals In Alice Fiction?


To get Anima Medals, you will need to resort to the gacha system in the game. If you pull out a Folklore that you already possess in the game, you will get Anima MedalsRarer Folklores will give more Anima Medals as a reward compared to those that are common. For example, getting a 1-star duplicate Folklore will only grant you 1 Anima Medal but getting a 3-star repeat Folklore can give you 50 Anima Medals.

Anima Medals are used to get Anima in Alice FictionAnima can be used to raise Folklore rarity in the game. You can trade UndergroundArena, or, Team Medals in the Exchange menu to get Anima. In addition, you can also get Anima by completing hard quests in the game. You will get Anima for specific characters by completing specific tasks. Moreover, you can repeat the hard quests multiple times until you have the amount of Anima you need. Each hard quest can be repeated thrice a day and each repeated run will grant you one of that Character’s Anima. This is a pretty good way to stock up on Anima for specific characters.


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