Alice Fiction is a puzzle RPG where players use Ascension to raise their Folklore’s rarity. When you raise Folklore Rarity through Ascension, it has multiple benefits. The most obvious benefit is that the selected Folklore becomes rarer. However, it also increases its main stats like HPCritical StatsDefense, and Attack. To find out how to raise Folklore’s Rarity through Ascension in Alice Fiction, read our guide below.

How to Raise a Folklore’s Rarity Through Ascension In Alice Fiction?


There is no cap to each Folklore’s rarity and you can raise all Folklore to a level 5 Rarity. Even Folklores that are currently at level 1 can be ascended to level 5. This will require a lot of resources but a 5-star Folklore is well worth putting in the effort to get it. The way to Ascend a Folklore’s rarity is by using Anima Medals and Credits.

You will first need to collect a certain amount of Folklore Anima Medals. The number of medals needed depends on the base rarity of your Folklore. These Anima Medals can then be traded for Anima which can be used to complete the Ascension. In addition to Anima Medals, you will also need credits to complete the process. Again the amount of credits needed depends on the rarity of the Folklore.

Once you have all the necessary items, you can follow the steps given below to complete the Ascension.

  • Go to the Character Menu and select the Folklore you want to Ascend.
  • Select the Rarity tab.
  •  You will see the option to Ascend on the lower side of the menu. Once you click on it, you will be able to see all the materials needed to complete the Ascension. If you have all the items, you can Ascend your Folklore’s rarity now.
  • Once you have Ascended, you will be able to see the new stats for the Ascended Folklore.


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